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Design Stryn, Stryn, Norge

Farmhouse AS, Stryn, Norge

Barn- & ungdomsavdelningen, Växjö lasarett


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Ljusdesign, Tekniska Högskolan i Jönköping, 2006-2008, 2011-2012

Interiör & Design, Norges Kreative Fagskole, Oslo, 2008-2010


Publicerad designer i boken On Spot - International Event Design, Sendpoint Books, 2012.

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Skriver bloggen LJUSFORM för VäxjöNytt.se sedan april 2013. vaxjonytt.se/blogg/ljusform/

Utvecklar en möbel för offentlig miljö tillsammans med en gotländsk kollega. Möbeln är baserad på resultaten från exjobbet. Läs mer om projektet på berg2.tumblr.com


Ljusform / Hanna Liljenberg
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Epost: hanna.liljenberg@home.se
Hemsida: www.be.net/liljenberg

In the small town of Stryn, western Norway, there are a variety of local businesses and a number of strong brands in the design industry, from fashion to print design, furniture- and house design. In 2010, about thirty of them invested in a promotional material worth 2.5 million Norwegian crowns to put Stryn on the map as Norway's design center. The project is called Design Stryn and was presented at a local fair in October 2010.

Exhibition design/AD: Hanna Liljenberg & Carina Sandström

Graphic design/Website/AD: Mette Marit Breivik & Kristian Allen Larsen

Designed for Farmhouse AS 2010.

We interpreted Design Stryn as a forward-looking brand that is deeply rooted in the traditional Norwegian design earth. With the appearance of Stryn's dramatic nature, consisting of 1600 meters high mountains that rises from the green-blue fjords, the glaciers and deep valleys that brings curiosity about what awaits behind the next ridge, we got a form in both the graphic design and at the stand that rests on the Nordic classic simplicity but with a futuristic touch.

Local presence has been a key concept in the creative process - all presented at the stand, building materials and furnishings are supplied by companies in Stryn.

The result is an expression and a form that promotes and enhances the design participants in Stryn, a forward-looking shape based on the town, the nature, the tradition and the future of Stryn.

For more information about and pictures at the graphic design, please visit www.be.net/liljenberg.

The design of the the stand is a form similar to an overhanging rock, it can symbolize the tradition and strength of being a small community. The aluminum structures rising at each side of and over the stand is reminding you of the strong forest in the valley.

The angled walls is inspired by the mountains sloping down to the valley, the visitor can only imagine what awaits on the other side of the wall.

Since the stand is modular, the size can change in length and thus adapted to the purpose and location. The angled inner walls can be removed, leaving an open hall.

Color palette is of course picked from the nature in Stryn - ice, ice water, forest and mountains.